Cryptanthus Bivittatus Pink Starlight


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Cryptanthus Bivittatus Pink Starlight






Cryptanthus 'Pink Starlight' (Cryptanthus bivittatus), has a miniature rosette of pink and cream with dark olive-green stripes in the leaf centers. Beautiful green and white leaves with a pink tint! Grow to only about 6" across. Pink Starlight offset rapidly and form large clusters! A miniature rosette of pink and red striped leaves are held close to the ground. A dwarf bromeliad reaching at most 4"H. An excellent choice for terrariums, as a groundcover for larger plants.

This easy-care houseplant is commonly called Earth Star or Starfish Plant since that's what the foliage resembles. Bright light intensifies the pink leaf tones and it prefers humid environments. Cryptanthus multiply by producing "pups" or offset plants so you will eventually have numerous 'Pink Stars' to enjoy.


Cryptanthus are one of the easiest terrestrial bromeliads to grow. Provide with a well-drained soil, average moisture, and high humidity. High light levels, but not direct sun, will produce the most intense foliage colors, colored forms may pale or even turn green under low light levels. Also too much light causes bleaching of color and sunburn. Patio areas lit by morning or afternoon sun and office settings with florescent lighting are good locations.

Earth star Bromeliads prefer to be kept relatively moist. However, care should still be taken to avoid overwatering them – they do rot when water is allowed to stand in the container for too long!

Use a mix that holds more moisture than the standard mix, but it still must be well drained. One such creative mix is 4 parts Coco peat, 1 part vermiculite, 1 part perlite, 1 part  clay aggregate, 1 part composted cow manure.

A slow-release fertilizer combined in the potting mix is recommended. Beware of copper and boron that are toxic to bromeliads. Your fertilizer should have none or no more than trace amounts of these micro-nutrients.

Landscape Use

Suitable for Container, Terrariums

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