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Diatomaceous Earth is a naturally occurring product. It is made up of millions of fossilised agae which are mined from seas and lakes.

Diatomaceous Earth INS

Diatomaceous Earth is a naturally occurring product. It is made up of millions of fossilised agae which are mined from seas and lakes. Each tiny grain is very hard and razor sharp. When it comes in contact with insects, the razor sharp edges lacerate the insects exoskeleton and the powdery Diatomaceous Earth absorbs the body fluids causing death from dehydration. It is an abrasive and an absorbent. These properties make it effective in controlling slugs and certain insects.

Diatomaceous Earth works in a purely physical/mechanical manner, not chemical, and so has no chemical toxicity. Pests do not build up a tolerance or immunity and there is no build up in your soil. When applied on or around your vegetables there is no withholding period as the dust can be easily washed off with water prior to eating.

Area of Application

  • Diatomaceous Earth control ants, caterpillars, cut worms, fleas, ticks, cockroaches, snails, slugs, spiders, termites, silver fish, lice, mites, flies, centipedes, earwigs, aphids, beetles, fruit flies, lemon tree borer, borers, thrips, pysllid etc

Method of Uses

  • Sprinkle on window sills to kill flies
  • Sprinkle on manure to kill flies and destroy odor
  • Apply a cup to compost piles to prevent pests and odors.
  • Sprinkle on and around your vegetables to kill all sucking, chewing and rasping pests. 
  • Sprinkle a border of Diatomaceous Earth around tender seedlings to protect from snails and slugs. 
  • Sprinkle around the base of house piles, foundations and wood stacks to keep away cockroaches and spiders.
  • In indoors, vacuum the infested area, then dust it with a small amount of Diatomaceous earth. Repeat every few weeks until resolved. 
  • Make up a paint using 2 cups of Diatomaceous Earth with 500 ml of water. Use this paint solution to paint the trunks of fruit trees to protect from ground dwelling insects such as codling moth..
  • Best time to apply, is when slugs are present and rain is not expected for at least 24 hours. Reapply after rain. It works only when dry.

Caution : 

  • Diatomaceous Earth is a great product but it is not clever enough to know only to target pests! Only apply to areas where there is visual evidence of pests as beneficial insects such as Ladybirds, Honey bees, Hover-flies and Lacewings will also be killed if they come in contact with the powder.
  • Avoid breathing the dust as it can irritate mucous membranes. 

Also see https://youtu.be/JKaAt4KxJyw


To be stored in a dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Needless to say, it should never be stored unprotected outside for any length of time. Rain will wash away a lot of the beneficial compounds (nutrients etc), and the sun can dry out the material too much as well.

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