ECA - 2-8 mm -For Middle Layer

ECA-2- 8-5

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Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA) is made from mining clay and also have a ceramic property. It will not compress, decompose, or react with agricultural or horticultural chemicals. It is good for terrace gardening, where weight is most important parts in building. It provides proper amount of oxygen to roots growth and has 18 to 22% water absorption which is excellent for water retention while excess water will be drained out.

ECA has neutral Ph value, Termite Free, Blocks Algae and Fungus and also keeps mosquitoes and Gnats away. It helps to prevent soil cracking and crushing. ECA is clean, odourless, and contains no toxic minerals.


To be used in middle layer in pots, mix 50% - 60% with Soil & Manure

  • Reusable multiple times -100 % Inert
  • Reduce 40-50% weight - Light in Weight ( < 400 kgs/ cbm) -.
  • Better aeration -Micro Porous Structure :
  • Reduce watering period.- Good Water Absorption :
  • Prevent roots from rot -Good Water Drainage :
  • Not harmful for plant - Surface Alkalinity
  • Less water evaporation -Excellent Thermal Insulation - 0.09-0.12 W/mk :
  • Prevents from Insects - Insect Free :
  • No cracks in soil -Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion :
  • Eco Friendly -Non-Toxic :


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