Echeveria Nodulosa Painted Succulent Plant


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Echeveria derenbergii €Captain Hay€™ is a small succulent plant Offsets freely to from clumps. It blooms in the spring with vivid yellow flowers.Full sun to filtered shade.These decorative little plants can be grown in interesting containers such as tea cups and even miniature baby shoes.

Cotyledon nodulosa






Extraordinarily eye-catching, Echeveria nodulosa is a fascinating evergreen succulent forming 5 in. wide rosettes of fleshy, pointed, concave, olive green leaves adorned with vivid red markings on both margins and mid leaf. In summer, a 2 ft. tall flowering spike, bearing pale yellow flowers with pinkish red markings, emerges above the rosettes. Like Hen & Chicks Sempervivum, this Echeveria forms a central rosette of foliage surrounded by many offsets.


Be careful never to let water sit in the rosette as it can cause rot or fungal diseases that will kill the plant.

Remove dead leaves from the bottom of the plant as it grows. These dead leaves provide a haven for pests, and Echeveria are susceptible to mealy bugs.

When the plant outgrows its pot, allow the soil to dry out and then gently remove the succulent. Remove any rotted or dead roots and leaves. Treat any cuts with a fungicide then repot succulent in a large pot, spreading the roots out as you backfill with soil.

Landscape Use

Suitable for Container, Rock Garden & Xeriscaping

Most succulents need to be watered twice a week during summers and only once in monsoon & winters. Varieties like Haworthias, Crassulas and Gasterias are well suited for low-light indoors and window-sills. If the leaves get too bulky, it is a sign of overwatering & if the leaves look shrivelled it is a sign of less watering.

As a general rule of thumb, all the ones with colourful leaves like Echeverias, Sedeveria and Graptopetalum like bright sunlight and semi shade in extreme summers. They cannot be kept indoors or in full shade. All succulents love morning sun.

You can fertilise your succulent once a month.

Watering tips : Make sure NOT to water on the plant itself. Water directly in the soil. You can use a cup or a glass to make sure the water does not spray on leaves. When watering, make sure water comes out of the drainage hole.

You can check our video on how to water succulents on :

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