Gazenia Sunshine Mix


Type: Seeds

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Treasure Flowers -A Hot Summer Survivors selection!

Famous for its wild color combinations, this is the brightest and liveliest Gazania mix. Sunshine is exactly what its name suggests -- bright, carefree hot color! No two blooms are exactly alike, with color-saturated solids competing for attention with cabana-striped bicolors and free-for-all multicolors with as many as 5 distinctly different shades per bloom! Long blooming mix includes cream, yellow, orange, pink and red shades, with some striped flowers. Flowers close for the night and under overcast skies. Plants reach 6-9 inches tall and the dark green leaves have white, felty undersides

About all they have in common is their huge size -- 4 inches across, conservatively and their huge, cheery yellow centers, which may remind you of Sunflowers with their interesting rings of petaloids and fascinating color gradations.


Very drought tolerant and it performs best where summer temperatures are high , they need rich well drained soil & require full sun light.


Upright plants are excellent for the rock garden or containers with larger flowers and robust growth.

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