Hectare Heavy Duty Gardening 2 Prong Hand Hoe

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Product Description

Hectare Gardening 2 Prong Hand Hoe is a easy to use tool for Weeding, Tilling, Aerating Soil Tool.

Hectare Traditional Garden Hand Hoe 2 in 1

Description : 

The Hectare Traditional Garden Hand Hoe – 2 in 1 is a versatile tool designed to tackle weed control and preserve soil health in gardens. These dual-purpose hand hoes are optimized for swiftly penetrating the soil at a 45-degree angle, effectively severing root systems and stems.

  • Primary functions include loosening, digging, and tilling garden beds, as well as creating precise furrows for seeding and planting seedlings.
  • Adept at weed removal in confined areas, they enhance gardening efficiency.
  • Excels in various gardening tasks, such as breaking soil surface layers, aerating the soil, sowing seeds, and planting flowers, vegetables, or herbs.
  •  Facilitates the transplanting of vegetable seedlings, harvesting tuber crops, and mulching.
  • Ergonomic handles providing a comfortable grip, these gardening tools ensure fatigue-free operation, saving considerable time and guaranteeing enduring durability and reliability...
Specifications :
Material : Metal
Color : Powder coated Yellow colour
Product Size in cm : 42 X 25 X 10

Hector tools are made out in India. They are made of strong metal and are of good quality material. You can store them in a cool and dry place. If there is dust collected on the tool, use a soft cloth to wipe it clean.

Try to sterilise the tools which are used for cutting/grafting before use.

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