Him Champa / Magnolia Grandiflora


Type: Plants

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Magnolia grandiflora


Magnoliaceaeξ(Magnolia family)


South East United States


The Magnolia grows best in full sun and is moderately drought tolerant on

deep, fertile, well-drained soil.


Fast growing, evergreen tree. Can become a large tree (up to 90 feet in height) but responds well to pruning to keep its height down. The very large white fragrant flowers contrast with the shiny green foliage. In most parts of India, Magnolias are grown only in selected well maintained gardens. In Manipur, Magnolias are commonly grown-The Manipuri name ootahmbai means äóìtree lotusäó� äóñ flowers are used as offering in puja

Landscape Use

Specimen or backdrop tree.

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