Hoya obtusifolioides 'Apple Green' Plant


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Hoya obtusifolia 'Green apple' is a small climbing perennial herbaceous hoya with amazingly attractive rare green flowers.

Porcelain Flower




South East Asia


Hoya obtusifolioides 'Apple Green' is a beautiful hoya, very decorative, shiny leaves with star shaped green flowers. Very rare in collections.

It is a robust climber, and its name is derived from the shape of its leaves which have an obtuse apex.  

Stems are thin, wiry about 2 mm in diameter with small aerial roots formed just below the nodes that helps the plant rooting in the substrate. Internodes about 3 to 4 cm apart.

Leaves are thick, small, always opposite. Petiole ca.1 cm long. Lamina smooth, oblong, elliptical and pointed, about 4-6 cm long and 1.5-2 cm wide, concolour, above dark green with darker edges and the underside is lighter green.

Usually it starts blooming at an early age and flowers are produced through-out the year.


Easy to grow & don't require much attention. Hoya do best in filtered light or with lots of artificial light in indoors.

Hoya plants don't ask for much, beyond the well-draining soil and the warm humid conditions ((similar to bromeliads and orchids)

They are epyphite, can be grown in orchid medium or light potting mix with lots of bark conditioner. Hoya like the security of a snug pot, and plants that are a bit root bound will flower more prolifically than those that are swimming around in a giant pot.

This plant is attractive to bees, butterflies and/or birds .

Landscape Use

It makes a nice hanging basket, but also does really well as a mounted plant

Hoyas are one of the easiest vines to take care of. Their needs are little and in the case of Hoya - less is more!

Hoyas like medium to bright indirect light. It detests direct sunlight and dark corners!

Hoya plants are very sensitive to over watering. To avoid this always keep a Hoya in a pot with a drainage hole. Use well drained soil or coco peat and perlite mix to make sure the excess water gets drained out. Water the Hoya only when the soil is completely dry. If it is moist you can let it be for a couple of days before checking on it again. It is better to under water than over water your Hoya plant!

Don't cut the long tendrils of your Hoya as the leaves and flowers develop from these!

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