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Tuberosa (The Pearl) has narrow leaves to 40cm long, with an erect stem to 1.2m tall, bearing a loose spike of highly fragrant, double white flowers 4-6cm long in summer.







Tuberose, (Polianthes tuberosa) is a  perennial tuber or tuberous roots of the asparagus family. The tuberose has long bright green leaves , about 1–1.5 ft long and up to 13 mm wide , clustered at the base and smaller clasping leaves along the stem.

The inflorescence is a spike, reaching up to 3 ft high, with pure white waxy flowers. The flowers are tubular, with a tube up to 2.5 in long, separating into six flaring segments (tepals) at the end, and are strongly fragrant and bloom at night. . There are six stamens, inserted into the tube of the flower, and a three-part stigma.

Single Mexican Tuberose bear pure white flowers with one row/ whorl of corolla segment. Flowers are highly scented. Single types are more fragrant than double.


Tuberose are best planted in a sunny location. The require full sunlight to bloom.

Well drained loamy soil having a pH of 6.5-7.5 is ideal for the plant. Plant the bulbs in the fall, placing bulbs 3 to 4 inches deep and 2 inches apart in any well-drained soil will produce good results. Tuberose flower in mid to late summer, typically 90-120 days after planting.

Tuberose require rest during winter period in order to bloom in summers.

Tuberose plants are heavy feeders and appreciate applications of 8-8-8 fertilizer while they are actively growing.

The plants benefit from bone meal applied at planting and after blooming. Reduce watering after the foliage begins to die back.

Landscape Use

Tuberoses are excellent in the garden or in pots. Their tall stems (2-3 ft.) and rather sparse, grass-like foliage make them ideal for inter-planting.

Properly preparing the soil for bulb planting is essential! Good soil drainage is essential for planting bulbs. If your soil has a lot of clay content, consider adding a bit of coco peat. Consider your sunlight requirements based not he type of bulb you have chosen to go with. Some plants might be happy in a semi shade environment under a tree whereas someone might require full sunlight.

The general rule of thumb for planting spring bulbs is to plant two to three times as deep as the bulbs is tall. This means most large bulbs like tulips or daffodils will be planted about 8 inches deep while smaller bulbs will be planted 3-4 inches deep. Planting depth is measured from the bottom of the bulb.

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