Oreo Vase


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Product Description

Purezento terracotta planter features a striking grey color and abstract gold patterns, making the planter look truly exotic. The elegant planter makes the leafy greens pop and gives a natural vibrancy to the room, in which the planter has been placed. Place spider plants, and snake plants into the pots to give an exclusive look to the home, whether it's indoors or out. The planter does not have a drainage outlet, hence, it's advisable to not pour excess water into the soil while planting greens.

Description :

You know you've found a masterpiece when it looks like bubbles and two! Crafted in the deepest black hue, in a body curvier than VS models, Chant Double Bubble three times to eat as much as you like without putting on!

Content: 1 Flower Vase

Specifications :

Material : Ceramic

Colour : Black

Product Size :

Dimension: Diameter: 10 cm, Height: 15 cm. Opening Diameter: 3.6 cm

Wipe with dry cloth, Avoid using abrasive material for cleaning

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