Paint It Red Real Dried Flower Necklace Earring Set


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This beautiful landscape necklace depicts one beautiful spring night surrounded by lovely white flowers. This pendant has real Queen AnneŐs lace flowers. This necklace would be a special gift for someone you care and love.


This delicate pendant made with red wild flowers and green leaf is a symbol of love and passion.  Start your day with this wild beauty and you will notice a smile on your face. Pair it with white, Red or any attire and you are ready for the day.


Pendant size: 2.6cm(w)3.6cm(h) (Oval shape)

Earrings details: 2.5cm × 1.5ck oval shape earrings.

9.25 silver plated earrings hooks made with non allergic metal alloy. 

925 Silver plated ball chain or normal chain length: 16-18 inch

Material: dried flower, non-allergic metal alloy pendant clip, polyepoxides

p.s: every single piece is handcrafted in India by an artist. Flowers, colours and placements in the design may slightly differ from pieces captured in pictures.

Resin is a relatively soft substance in comparison to metals and is easy to scratch and sensitive with chemicals. Main things to avoid are :

- Showering
- Swimming
- Putting on Perfume directly on it.

Avoid the resin coming in contact with any sharp object. This will scratch the top layer. Avoid it being soaked in any kind of liquid (even water) for a prolonged period. Try keeping it out of direct sunlight for a very long time too.

You can clean it with a mix of warm water and mild dish soap if needed. You can wipe it or simply clean the dirt collected on top with a soft dry cloth.

When not wearing your jewellery, prevent tarnish by keeping your jewellry in a closed container like a small bag (which is provided with the product). Keep it in a dark, cool, dry area. This helps to preserve the longevity of any flora embedded in the resin and the resin itself, since in darkness it isn't exposed unnecessarily to UV rays.

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