Red Beauty-Miniature Rose


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Red Beauty


Miniature roses are perfectly scaled, smaller versions of larger roses, with all the colors, forms, substance, and often, fragrance of full-sized roses. Dwarf roses are pretty tough plants. They’re almost always propagated and grown on their own roots, which gives them greater hardiness than many other types of roses. These plants reach full size quickly, and they flower big-time all season long. Miniatures make beautiful up-front plants

Red Beauty has small, double, pink-red flowers. Vigorous, bushy growth.


Dwarf roses grow well indoors or out and are useful colourful plantings in areas where space is limited. The plant needs to go outside in a sunny balcony or terrace where light is sufficient and conditions are better for healthy growth.

Smaller plants mean smaller roots, and smaller roots don’t grow very deep in the soil. Hence mini-rose needs more frequent watering. 

Frequent small doses of fertilizer shall be required.

Landscape Uses

Containers, Borders

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