Scindapsus Pictus Silver Splash Plant


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Scindapsus pictus, commonly known as satin pothos or silk pothos, is a slow-growing tropical evergreen climber in the Arum family.They are very easy to grow, both in soil and water filled bottles, jars and any container.

Scindapsus pictus ‘Silver Splash’




South East Asia


Scindapsus pictus, commonly known as satin pothos , is a slow-growing tropical evergreen climber in the Arum family. Scindapsus Pictus ‘Silver Splash’ leaves are narrower which are covered with green sheen with silver speckling or splashes on the remaining portion.The leaf looks like green variegation on Silver Leaf.

Satin Pothos are evergreen climbers that can grow up to 20 m high, requiring no extensive care. It has have glossy, heart-shaped, bright green with golden-yellow leathery leaves.


Scindapsus pictus thrive in bright indirect light. A bit of morning sun would work well though. Morning sun in gentler than afternoon sun.

For best growth and health, place these plants close to a bright window. Within 1-2 feet of a window that gets bright, indirect light. A large Northern window or Eastern window would be ideal.

Water throughly until water exits the drainage hole(s) and discard the excess water. Don’t water again until the top inch or so of the potting mix dries out. One common symptom of the soil getting too dry is that you will see all the leaves start curling under. If you notice this, feel the soil.

Fertilize all year except during the winter. Use 1/4″ teaspoon liquid fertilizer per gallon of water every time you water. You will really notice a difference with a quality fertilizer. Plants grow better, are more vigorous and flowering houseplants also produce more flowers.

Landscape Uses

Indoor hanging baskets, Climbers, Balcony , Vivarium , Water fountain

With a trailing, vine-like habit, attractive heart-shaped leaves, an ability to help purify the air and to thrive in low light and humidity while withstanding neglect for long periods of time, pothos/money plant is the perfect houseplant for beginners and for people will less time. There is no expertise needed in caring for and growing this plant as it can survive in bright sun as well as semi shaded areas. Although avoiding direct afternoon sun is better. It can be grown in soil, jars or water filled bottles too.

Pothos are subject to root rot so its better to keep them on the dry side rather than too wet. Pothos likes to have its soil dry out between waterings and therefore accepts erratic watering too. The leaves droop when the plant is thirsty! Grow it in a well drained pot and fertilise the plant once a month.

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