Sinch Coco Peat


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Coco Peat Powder

Avail from us an exclusive range of Sinch Cocopeat Powder, bricks & Tablet, which is made up of coconut husks. We provide best quality Cocopeat, which is highly admired by patrons owing to its various qualities like highly effective, long lasting and environment friendly. Cocopeat is used as a multipurpose soil conditioner. Moreover, this product has the ability to blend easily with inorganic fertilizer.

Application Area:

Tissue Culture, Hydroponics, Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture, Erosion Control, Terrace Garden & hanging pots, Landscaping, Best for flower, vegetables & fruits.


  • Natural macro & micro-plant nutrients, Natural cellulose & lignin, Natural enzymes etc.


  • It resists bacterial & fungal growth
  • It prevents hardening of Soil due to more pore space
  • Water holding capacity is 8 - 9 times
  • It has good ability to store & release nutrient to plants for extended periods of time & Rapid dense root growth
  • Stimulates production of phytohormones
  • Fully organic, eco friendly, biodegradable


  • Small Plants : 100 gm
  • Medium Pots : 100 gm to 250 gm
  • Lawn : 1 kg /sq meter
  • Farm : 100 Kg to 150 Kg/Acre

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