Ocimum Basilicum Genovese Basil Plant


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Ocimum basilicum 'Super Sweet Genovese' is one of the best choices for making fresh, homemade pesto! The flavor-packed leaves of this basil are also good for adding to homemade pizza or caprese salad.

Ocimum Basilicum - Genovese Basil




India, Africa, and Asia


Ocimum Basilicum is commonly known as Sweet basil and is widely used as a culinary herb. It is a tender annual, aromatic plant with a spicy odor and flavor. It grows 12-18 inches tall and foliage color can range from green to purple. Foliage size can vary from large lettuce-like leaves to very small leaves, half an inch in size. Basil is easily grown as a window sill herb for fall, winter and early spring harvest. The plant is also less likely to bolt, meaning it is less likely to flower quickly in hot weather. Flowering stops the vegetative growth of the basil plant. "Genovese" has a reputation for making the best pesto, as well as the best "Insalata Caprese," which is a dish consisting of tomato slices topped with mozzarella cheese and fresh basil leaves. Leaves are large, bright green and crinkled.


Ocimum basilicum prefers full sunlight and it can easily grow in poor, well-drained soil. It performs poorly in heavy clay soil. It is drought tolerant once established. Regular pruning is not required. It requires low to medium watering.

Landscape Uses
It is used as a culinary herb for gardens and containers. It is excellent for flavoring a variety of dishes.

Although each type of herb has its own growing requirements, most herbs are unfussy plants. They prefer full sun and prosper in good, moderately fertile soil. And most require that the soil be well-drained.

Water the plants everyday and keep the soil moist. Make sure excess water is drained out. Trim the plants in the summers to keep them in good shape. You can keep the herbs on a kitchen windowsill provided you are getting good sunlight there.

Potted herb plants are sensitive to sun and naturally grow towards the source of sunlight. They might start to lean after some time so make sure to rotate the pot in different direction.

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