Tillandsia ionantha Druid Air Plant


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Tillandsia Kolbii is very similar to T. Ionantha, but is set apart by its taller appearance with a slight curvature to the leaves. The inflorescence of the Kolbii is shorter than on Ionantha. It produces a bright scarlet red flower when in bloom.

Tillandsia ionantha 'Druid'






Tillandsia ionantha druid has bright green leaves with fuzzy trichomes. As the plant grows and matures, its leaves will begin to extend outward. At this point, most T. ionantha plants will turn a darker shade of green. The leaves of the T. ionantha druid, if left in bright light, will keep their bright green color and will fade to a bright yellow color. In addition, the flowers are white instead of the grape violet of the other forms.


 Tillandsia prefer less bright light, and they also enjoy a humid environment. If your  ionantha is getting too dry, the entire plant will have a grey appearance and will feel dry to the touch. If this happens, give your  Tillandsia a soak overnight and check it again in the morning to see if the addition of moisture helped to revitalize the plant. It prefers slightly cooler conditions and requires more frequent watering in areas that receive long periods of sunlight.

Landscape Uses

Suitable for Container, Hanging Garden & Xeriscaping


Air plants are unique - they Don't need soil, absorbing water and nutrients through scales on their leaves. Although caring for air plants is really easy, but if not done right it can quickly lead to the plant drying up.

Air plants need regular sprinkling of water on their leaves. However once a week, air plants need to be submerged in water. Take a big enough container and fully submerge your air plant for 3-4 hours. Once soaked, you need to dry them off completely! Hence shake them and put them on a soft towel. Place them under a bright spot for 2-3 hours so that there is no excess water on it. Make sure to dry them or air plants get a root rot very quickly.

Bright filtered or indirect light is ideal for air plants. Morning sun is healthy for the plants, however afternoon sun can quickly burn the leaves. Use a fertiliser once a month in the water when you soak the air plants to keep it healthy.

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