Torenia Kauai Mix-HY


Type: Seeds

Shipping : 3-5 Business Days

Kauai Mix Torenia consists of deep blue, burgundy, lemon drop, magenta, rose and white. Clown Torenia is compact and well-branched, but Kauai Torenia is even more compact and has a better branching habit.  The name Kauai automatically invokes thoughts of the tropics and that’s what this plant creates, exotic looking blooms that add a tropical look to your landscape or patio pots. Torenia are also called Wishbone Flowers.  The stamens grow up from opposite sides of the throat and arch together mimicking a chicken wishbone.

Torenia is one of the few landscape annuals that can survive extreme Summer heat and humidity. It does best with afternoon shade in hot areas.

Works well in colour bowls and mixed plantings, as well as borders and beds.

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