Touch Me Not Mimosa Pudica Linn Plant


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Mimosa pudica is a small herb which grows like a weed in a short period of time. The plant grows in shady areas like under trees.

Chui Mui






The plant grows in shady areas like under trees.


Mimosa pudica is a small herb which grows like a weed in a short period of time. The leaves are arranged symmetrically and close on touch; hence the name sensitive plant. The Touch-Me-Not plant is not really shy or bashful. The leaves of this plant when touched fold or shrink inwards as a rapid plant movement to protect itself from harmful elements in the environment like grazing animals. However, after a few minutes, the leaves open again. The stems of this plant are prickly and the leaves are fern-like, with a ball-shaped pink colored flower. The plant also bears fruits of clusters of 2-8 pods. The flowers are pink in color.

Chui Muai is a mysterious element not only because of its drooping reaction when touched but also because it is abundant in so many nutrients. It helps in the treatment of many disorders like piles, dysentery, sinus, insomnia, diarrhea, alopecia and is also applied to cure wounds since ages. Touch-me-not plant helps as it has antibacterial, antivenom, antidepressant, aphrodisiac, anticonvulsant, anti-fertility and anti-asthmatic properties. It is known to have emetic, sedative and tonic properties. Landscape Use Makes excellent hedge or screening plant. It also does well as a pot plant.

Uses Info:

Although each type of herb has its own growing requirements, most herbs are unfussy plants. They prefer full sun and prosper in good, moderately fertile soil. And most require that the soil be well-drained.

Water the plants everyday and keep the soil moist. Make sure excess water is drained out. Trim the plants in the summers to keep them in good shape. You can keep the herbs on a kitchen windowsill provided you are getting good sunlight there.

Potted herb plants are sensitive to sun and naturally grow towards the source of sunlight. They might start to lean after some time so make sure to rotate the pot in different direction.

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