Vigna speciosa -Snail Vine Plant


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Vigna speciosa is beautiful tropical vine, with fragrant lavender and white flowers.

Snail Creeper




South America


Vigna speciosa is an outstanding and exotic looking, fast growing vine  with a distinctive curled shape fragrant flowers,giving rise to the common names corkscrew vine, snail vine, snail creeper.
The large, spiraling lavender & white flowers, carried in bold clusters around strong 6" - 8" stems, are extremely attractive and create an on-going display all summer long. The flowers show up especially well set against the handsome mid-green foliage. The flowers are quite fragrant and are mostly pollinated by ants - if you have no ants, you'll have no pods and therefore no seeds.

This plant is attractive to bees, butterflies and/or birds


Snail vine performs best in partial shade or dappled sunlight, but it may tolerate full sunlight with plenty of moisture. The plant prefers rich, fertile, well-drained soil.

Organic fertilizer may be applied during the growing season to produce blooms. Feed the plant a slow-release fertilizer every two months during the blooming season, or use a water-soluble fertilizer every month. Snail vines also require regular water & must never allow them to dry out during the active growing season.

Snail vines grow quickly once established and will rapidly cover a trellis or a wall. Due to its rapid growth, the plant may need to be trimmed as part of your snail vine care to keep it under control.

Landscape Use

This rare and unusual vine is ideal grown over a fence, trellis or arbor and can be used over lattice work to create shade for a deck or patio. It can even be grown in containers over a support.

Flowering plants need access to bright sunlight to remain healthy and blooming. An easy facing balcony is the best place for the plants in Indian conditions. Try keeping them in bright sunlight but also where they get a little cover from the harsh afternoon sun. Some plants which are a little tender tend to burn due to the same.

Plants with thin leaves need daily watering and ones with thick leaves need watering 3-4 times a week. This will also depend on the season. Generally during the blooming period, plants love a lot of water. Try keeping the soil moist. During winters it is better to cut back on watering.

Keep the plants in a well drained soil with a drainage hole at the bottom. This will help to avoid over watering. Take care as to not leave stagnant water on top of the soil. Fertilise the plant once in 2-3 weeks during its blooming period. Do not fertilise it in winters.

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