Don’t Know How To Care Your Favourite Succulents? Do These Things To Give Them Proper Growth

Want to add artistic touch into your decoration? There is no better way than adding a piece of spongy, green piece of life on your desk or little corner. It not only makes the home different from others but also gives an aesthetic touch into your decoration. Buying it or choosing it easy, as there are multiple online nursery shops are available, on the other hand, growing the plants properly is not a child’s play. If you don’t know how to care the special plants and the thought of taking care of the plants preventing you from buying the plants, then here are the things that you should do to give a healthy life to the plants—


Prepare The Soil First:


Succulents are different in nature from the other flowering plants. It requires special guidance to grow properly. Most of the requirement of succulents is distinct from common plants. From watering routine to temperature, everything is special when you are nourishing these lives. And the soil should be prepared carefully as well. As these plants don’t need much water, the soil mixture should be light and make sure it does not hold water for a longer time. Besides, you can invest in different nutrient mixtures to give them better health.


Enough Sunlight Is Essential:


These plants require limited water; however, the requirement of sunlight is unlimited. If you are thinking, you will keep them under shade always, then the leaves will look pale and the plant will begin to stretch towards the window to catch the light. Give them ample sunlight at least for 5to6 hours in a day. The deficiency of sunlight gives them improper growth and you will see unexpected scorch marks on the leaves, which not only damage the appearance of the plant but also affect the health of it.

Pay Attention To The Watering Routine:

Normal flowering plants and vegetable plants require regular watering; however, your favourite piece of succulent does not require the same. Most of the succulent require less watering, hence, it can be said that maintaining the plants is simple than other plants. You can water the plants once in a week. Just keep the soil moderately moist.

Are you still worried to buy the plant? It is not tough to grow a succulent in your home. It does not require much time and attention; you can water it once in a week just keep it under the sun. and if you want rare pieces of succulents, then don’t forget to visit myBageecha, a renowned online plant shop, which is offering a wide-ranging collection of plants, planters, fertilizers and gardening tool.

Also checkout some of our beautiful succulents given below:

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