Green Cities getting closer to Nature

Nurture a close touch of nature


There are parts of nature that you come nearer to and often feel much better. The private and public sector of the country finds that they need nature back into the hustle and bustle of the busy city. This is the main reason the green in being seen in the city, in the public spaces. They are adding more live plants to the plush offices and even at homes. The cities are changing their faces from the dull and dusty grey ones to refreshing and lively green.






plantThe recent studies have shown that the connectivity with the nature of human beings is something that is being carried from a long time back. The studies in The Nature Fix has brought out that constant contact with nature can give the mind its state of relaxation that can bring out better capacity to work. There have been some experiments to prove this aspect. This is the reason why the city authorities and home builders with architects and other communities are making it a point to plant more trees to give a touch of nature to the city dwellers.


Come in touch with plants and get these benefits

  • Plants make the environment near you more pleasing to the eyes.
  • Plants become a part of your family as you take care of them and see them grow.  They bring in the closeness with life when they start from a seedling and grow up to bear fruits or flowers and then shade the leaves to get back new ones at times of their lifespan.
  • This attraction to nature with humans is named ‘biophilia’ and it is something that was with a human since the beginning of any civilization.
  • When people work in an atmosphere where they can connect to nature, they become a better working lot. Their moods are calm and they find more energy to work.
  • The plants nearby will help to give better air quality. The detoxification of the place happens and you get air that is full of good gases more than the toxic ones.


Green plantThere are changes in commercial space when thereare more online plant buying. The retail stores are getting cornered. When you have some biophilic designs in the retail stores, you will find more customers are flocking in to experience the soothing environment. This has been revealed by environment consultants. The nearness to plants or nature will make the customers stay in the shopping centers more and to experience the green ambiance all the more.
office plantThis is the reason the retails spaces is going to changes towards natural touch in them. The stores in big cities and the shopping malls are being redesigned for this purpose. There are stores that have got jungle-like ambiance to get in more people in them. They are going for these changes to get higher footsteps in the stores.


You will find more living walls and kitchen gardens filling up the city. The planting stations and tube stations or shopping stores are all full of plants and nature. The people are growing in numbers in the cities and they are trying to get back the touch of nature back from the long past.

You will find walls with pots of plants on them are making the city better in thermal cooling.


There are places like hospitals, streets, schools, and offices that are being designed with nature with them. These spaces offer better living and working quality.

The city-state of Singapore, the island that is so well populated has got a love for the plants and they grow them all around in abundance. The most urbanized place is getting more and more plants in different shapes and sizes to get the touch of nature near them.

The law of Singapore says that any greenery that is ousted while putting up any building must be replaced.



Garden plantThey feel that adding trees in the city landscape will help people live in a positive atmosphere. They will feel more relaxed and become less stressed. These atmospheric changes have shown a lot of changes in the way people live, interact or travel within the city. The officials of the country took these changes seriously way back in the middle of the 21st century and started introducing changes within the city. The country Singapore thus proved to the world that South East Asia has introduced these changes from this country. The city has been designed with its green landscape and there are indoor forests in the airport. The highways are shadowed by tall trees. These all add to the feeling of being in a tropical forest – by anyone who visits the country or even by the residents of the country.



When it is your city or your office or even your home when you take initiative to turn it into a green heaven. It is always a great idea to bring back nature in the modern city.

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