How to Take Care of Your Plants in this Summer

May 27, 2019

How to Take Care of Your Plants in this Summer

India is a country where climate dominates the lifestyle, food culture of the natives. Avoiding the ever-changing climate is impossible here. Most of the time Sun rules the climate, therefore, summer is the main season here. Have you imagined if you are feeling tired of the scorching heat then how the plants are feeling under the Sun? A dedicated plant lover cannot avoid the situation. And if you feel the same for your outdoor plants, then you are in the right place. In this blog post, some important factors will be discussed, about how to keep your summer plants alive. Let’s have a look—

Allow them some Shade:

Plants require sunlight to be grown perfectly, however, keeping them under direct sunlight can cost their life.  Therefore, provide them with some shade at the time of noon will be best to keep them alive. If all your plants are in pots or planters then it will be easy to move them under a shade, on the other hand, if you are growing vegetables or flowers at direct soil the case will be troublesome to arrange shadow. No matter how difficult is the job, to make sure that your green lives are safe during this summer season, shade is indispensable.

Give them Enough Water:

The best way to fight with the scorching heat is to add lots of water in your diet. The same thing goes for the plants also. Giving them an ample amount of water will allow them to be in good condition. And never water them while Sun is in its best form. Choose morning or evening when the heat is less to add water in your flower pots. If you give water at day time, then the water will heat up the soil and burn the plants.

Find a Good Mulch:

Though most of the gardener overlook mulch, it matters a lot to keep the blooms as well as the plants healthy during summer. It is advisable to use Pine bark mulch as it helps to maintain the moisture level in the soil. In addition, it also regulates the soil temperature and prevents the weeds to be grown outside of the plants.

This summer fight with Sun by following these above-mentioned tips...
Happy gardening to you!

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