Helpful Plants to keep in your Home

May 01, 2019

Helpful Plants to keep in your Home

Sleepless nights and cough and cold are the common diseases that disrupt one’s schedule. These two diseases get the lousy state of one’s mind and can ruin everything. Good sleep is a  minimum requirement for one’s good day and a kick to do the best and avoid any negativities. One feels vulnerable when gets blown away by these two chronic symptoms. Well, to avoid any medications and drugs and enrich your life with some life-curing plants. Let’s get to know some of the surreal facts of some of these plants and buy them instantly without any second thought.

Aloe Vera - The Magical Fleshy Leaves

Aloe-vera also was known as grhitkumari in Hindi has ample amount of vitamins and minerals, and that made it beneficial for creating products that heal any problems for skin and hair. It works like a magic wand for such body parts treatment. They are plants that follow the general process for growth. Research about this unusual indoor plant made clear that this plant is helping for treating the minor cough and cold and also can improve sleep hours. One can obtain more sleeping hours to avoid short term naps if they are in touch with these fleshy leaves.

Areca Palm - The Absorbent

Harmful substances in the air make one allergic, and even one can develop a runny nose while getting exposed to all the different particles in the air including soot composed of carbon. They are not only harmful to our respiratory system but can clog our eyesight too. Areca Palm gives the solution to such predicaments. The plant adds lots of moisture to the environment and deliberately improves the quality of the air so that one can breathe fresh air as they absorb the critical particles.

Spider Plant - The Pollutant Remover

Cancer-causing particles sustain in the air due to the rising use of harmful chemicals. Cancer is a disease which tends to be non-curable. It can be avoided to an extent by keeping the spider plant at home. Spider plant absorbs cancer-causing particles to give the insiders the comfort of fresh air.

Boston Fern- The Remover of Paint Smell

Most of the population feels dizzy when the scent from new furniture paint or paints from room walls linger in the air. There’s a solution to such a problem plant Boston Air fern and the problem will vanish naturally.

Lavender – The Relaxer

Lavender is known for its lovely aroma and color. Lavender oil is the remedy for insomnia. The smell of lavender is recognised everywhere as a great aid for relaxation. Lavender has been proven to lower heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels, which is why it’s perfect for the bedroom.

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