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 Moss Wall Frames - The Perfect Interior Decor Art for your Home!

Do you love the sight of a beautiful green plants but don't want to deal with the effort of creating or maintaining one yourself? We have one of the most unique options for you - Natural Moss frames! These require no maintenance AT ALL!

myBageecha's Moss Frame Designs bring the Jungle to you walls. Beautiful, lush & Green - these beautiful pieces of art require no watering and no sunlight! The only care needed is to keep them completely indoors!

 To help you choose and purchase the ideal piece of moss frame wall art for your home, we have put together some of the greatest selections of some of our most popular moss frame products. We offer a moss frame that will suit any wall decor, whether you're searching for something modern or classic.

1)Why is the moss frame an excellent choice for wall decor?

One of the finest ways to decorate your house is with moss frame art. Your house may appear fresher and more natural as a result. Adding a touch of greenery by adding the moss frames made out of preserved plants will give your interiors a fresh uplift with a classic natural touch!

Here are some of Our top sellers that we believe would make wonderful additions to your wall or interior design.

1) Tales of Govardhan Parvat Moss Frame

Tales of Govardhan Parvat Moss Frame
2) A Sapphire Tangle Moss Frame

moss wall

3) Love & Lavender Moss Frame 

 Lavender Moss Frame


4) Mystical Forest Moss Frame

Forest Moss Frame


2) Why is it unique from other moss frames available on the market?

The moss frames are 100% preserved natural products. The flowers, ferns, and moss are all real. Because the moss frame is in preserved form, it doesn't need to be maintained. It doesn't need sunlight or watering. It would continue to be as fresh for 4-5 years. Isn't it awesome?

3) What about its Size and design, and specifications of the moss frame?

  • Our moss frames have different unique themes, as they can be a classic look or a spiritual look as well.
  • It definitely comes in different sizes, like rectangle, square, or circle.
  • We don’t have these limited moss frames. You can do the Customisation for them as well.
  • Any design or theme you have in mind, we do it!
  • About the specifications, this moss frame requires no maintenance whatsoever.
  • The moss frames should be completely kept and hung indoors. They should not be kept where there is an exposer of sunlight.
  • It should not be watered. Make sure it does not come in contact with water under any circumstances.

The lush green moss frames will definitely give a unique look to your walls. Giving a greener look will undoubtedly make your decor art stand out more than any other decor art.

Ready to buy? You can check our entire range of Moss frames here.

Scroll down to check a few more designs in our Moss frames.


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