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Why is green gifting the new normal?

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We live in the era of modernization, there are advancements in technology as well as infrastructure throughout the globe. Such advancements could only be beneficial to us if they don’t come at a cost to the nature and environment. The pace at which the development is happening it is affecting our planet a lot. Even if we change our habits right now, it will still take 40 years for ozone layer to recover. The change in the world may not be in our hands as there are a lot of political authorities taking those decisions, but we can surely bring intrinsic changes in our own lives.

Plant gifting is a wonderful way to express your affection, appreciation, or congratulations to someone special. Whether it's a birthday, a graduation, a new home, or simply to say "thank you", a plant can convey your sentiments in a meaningful and lasting way. Not only are plants beautiful and vibrant, but they also bring life and freshness to any room and can help purify the air and lift the mood.


One of the great things about plant gifting is that there is a wide variety of options to choose from, depending on your recipient's preferences, style, and environment. Some popular choices include succulents, herbs, flowers, bonsai trees, and tropical plants. You can even choose a plant that has a special significance or symbolism, such as a rose for love, a peace lily for peace and tranquility, or a bamboo for good luck.



When selecting a plant to gift, it's important to consider the care requirements and the recipient's level of experience with gardening. If your recipient is a beginner, you might opt for a low-maintenance plant that's easy to care for, such as a cactus or a snake plant. On the other hand, if your recipient is a seasoned gardener, you could choose a more challenging species that they can nurture and enjoy, such as a bonsai tree or a orchid.
In addition to the plant itself, you can also enhance your gift by choosing a stylish pot, a personalized card, or a book on botany and gardening. You could also consider arranging for a professional to deliver and set up the plant in the recipient's home or office, to make the experience even more special.


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Plant gifting is a wonderful way to express your thoughts and feelings, and to spread joy, life, and inspiration. It's a gift that keeps on giving, as the recipient will enjoy the beauty and benefits of the plant for years to come. So why not surprise someone special today with a plant that truly comes from the heart? 

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