What are the Best Ways to Water Indoor Plants?

The plant lovers, owning a garden must know the hacks of watering the indoor plants and this blog points out some of the best ways of watering indoor plants. This blog will prove to be an interesting read for all the gardening enthusiasts.

Indoor plant watering is an art. If you are interested in keeping a few houseplants to improve the aesthetic appeal of your interior space, you have to know how to care for them well – starting with watering the plants. Know about some of the best ways to water your indoor plants.

Water from the bottom

Soak a number of plants simultaneouslywater in a deep tray or saucer with 1 – 2 cm water so that the nutrients do not drain out and the watering is more uniform. Put your plants inside and have them soak up water for 1 – 2 hours. Take them out to let dry. You may put your plants in self-watering pots to avoid under or over-watering.

Try layering with clay pebbles

You can consider having a layer of clay soilpebbles to keep the moisture for more time around the plant. Put a layer of gravels, regular pebbles or clay water-retaining pebbles above the soil in order to reduce the pace of evaporation. You can easily find these in a plant nursery, garden center or even on online stores.


Check the soil

Find out whether the soil has moisture within. Stick a toothpick or your finger in the upper 2 inches of the soil. In case it comes out with soil sticking to it, the stick is moist. Check the soil’s edge to find out whether it is dry. In the case of a noticeable gap between the pot edge and soil, you can be assured that the water has evaporated entirely. During the summer months, you have to water the plants more frequently.

Know your plant

You have to know about the water
cactus plant
preferences of your plant. There are two forms of houseplants. The Moist type needs you to water them when the soil turns dry. Most of the tropical plants act like this. The Dry type, such as succulents and cacti love dry soil, and these do not have to be watered as much as other plants. It can be enough to water these 1 – 2 times in a month, based on how warm the room it is placed is. Succulents such as cacti love well-drained and dry soil and do not need to be watered as often as the other houseplants. Buy pots or planters with drainage holes in them. Water succulents and Cacti about one month and ensure that the water drains out completely through the drainage holes of the pot.

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