Are you a kind of person who loves a green jungle in his house or office, but due to time constraints not able to keep them alive? Believe us, this has happened to most of us! Your plants dying or wilted in front of your eyes can sometimes make you demotivated to keep the greens around you.

It does not mean that you wanted your Plants to suffer, but still, it happens in this fast-paced life. No problem we got your back to bring back your greeneries.

Why not plant those plants which thrive well even if not taken care of it? Below are the 6 types of plants which will make your house happy again.

  • Bougainvillea
  • Bougainvillea

(Image source: Dengarden)

Do you want a spectacular flowering plant? But don’t have time to take care of it? So here we suggest our beautiful bougainvillea plant. On this, many colorful flowers grow on it. You can select any colourful bougainvillea as per your taste. Just bright sunlight and watering it once when the soil seems to be dry makes it grow wonderfully at your garden

  • Aloe vera
Aloe vera

(Image source:

The probably most cultivated house plant would stay cheerful even at your own negligence. Having a bright sunlight will make him go strong. Just mist occasionally, but don’t water it too much they crave your negligence and not your attention.

  • Spider plant
Spider plant

 (Image source:               

 The most adaptable house plant and easy to make it grow is our spider plant. Its name arrives because of its long trailing stems which seems to fall, and which resembles like spider. No worries this spider would clean your toxic air rather than giving you nightmares.

  • ZZ plant.
ZZ plant.

(Image source: Spruce)             

Again, you forgot to add water this week? but no worries because your ZZ plant is still healthy without your care. This plant must there in your list if your too forgetful just like me. Just put this in your balcony or in your office this plant only requires little or bright shade of sun.

  • Haworthia

(Image source: Masterclass)             

Don’t misunderstand them to be just a decor plant. This little plant grows slowly with little sunny shade and with a little water, they can stay cheerful with your care for them. But can you neglect this little cute plant?

  • Majestic agave
Majestic agave

(Image source:           

 Majestic agave is the least known plant ,yet would be a popular plant at your home. With very little care and attention it grows well. Its almost similar like a giant asparagus spear. Keep them where bright sunlight can be absorbed by them and water them once when the soil occurs to be dry.

As we have told you at the start that your greeneries will survive no matter of the given care. With minimum maintenance you can grow these refreshing plants in your house or at office. Just make sure that once in a day you can look up these plants for how they grow beautifully and healthy at your embrace. Also checkout these plants which are given below:



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