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Are money plants the most common houseplants there are? How many kinds of money plants have you come across? Can money plants be used to make your house look lush and green? Watch our video here and read on to know more about Money Plants!


When we talk or hear about money plant a common misconception is to think that, "Hey this is the most common plant around us". However, money plants (also known as pothos) come in a lot of varieties which you might not be aware of. Some are

  • Pearl Jade Pothos
    Jade Pothos
  • Marble queen Pothos
    Marble queen Pothos
  • Golden Pothos
    Golden Pothos
  • Neon Pothos
    Neon Pothos
  • Silk Pothos
    Silk Pothos
  • Green queen Pothos
    Green queen Pothos

 Also, it makes pothos one of the most versatile plants, as it can be used in a variety of location based upon where you want them to use it.


Use it as a hanging plant:

         Pothos are very suitable as a hanging plant at your home. As pothos tend to trail down, due to its dense foliage they have. Thus, the trailing pothos when hanged up will look great at your house. Repot the pothos in a sturdy hanging basket and hook it up where you want them to place it.


Use it as a climber:

        Pothos evergreen look will make it more pretty if pothos would like to start climbing at your house. Pothos can actually climb at outdoors as well as in indoors giving your house a dense forest look. You can use a variety of Vase to give a look which you want, you can use a coco-pole to climb it vertically or you can use a DIY rope to make it climb the way you want them to be.


Use it in a decorative way in your living and bedroom:

          Using pothos as a décor is a great idea due to its beautiful green waxy layer look making it pretty to watch. Also, they are strong and a sustainable plant, irrespective kept in any condition. Pothos can be kept in a living room or in your bedroom , adding some greenery is beneficial for your room. Keep your pothos in a clean vase ,add some marbles for the noteworthy look and add some water and then stack it up on your cupboard. You can also make a DIY terrarium kit. 


Use to grow it in a glass bottle:

glass bottle

          This sturdy plant can also thrive well in the water. All you need is a clean glass jar or bottle. Add some clean tap water and place the bare rooted pothos inside the glass. Make sure that pothos endings are covered with the water, which will provide its nutrient well to them. Make sure to change the water occasionally and disinfect the bottle and you are good to go.

Light requirement: Pothos can adjust in bright as well as in indirect light, but just be careful as direct light more then 5 hours can burn them.

Water requirement: Pothos do well in little water. Adding once in a week is ideal. Water them once when the soil seems dry and your good to go.

Conclusion: Pothos is an evergreen plant suitable wherever you want them to be, you can select any of them as per your suitable taste and for your evergreen house. Also checkout these pothos, which are given below:

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