Pyrostegia Venusta Flaming Trumpet Plant


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Pyrostegia venusta is a fast growing evergreen vine that makes a brilliant fall and winter display of reddish-orange. Full sun & well drained soil.

Bignonia venusta






Pyrostegia Venusta is also known as Flaming trumpet. It is a vigorous, fast-growing, evergreen woody vine that blooms in winter and spring with spectacular reddish-orange flowers. The compound leaves have two or three 2-3 in oval leaflets and are arranged in pairs opposite each other on the stem. Often, the center leaflet is modified into a coiled, three-parted tendril. Flame vine branches profusely and climbs by clinging with its tendrils. The tubular flowers are about 3 in long and borne in clusters of 15-20 at the tips of branches. The corolla has five lobes which are bent backwards, and the long orange stamens and style extend beyond the tube. The flower clusters may hang down under the weight of their own beauty.


Pyrostegia Venusta grows best in full sunlight. They will climb and cover a fence, trellis, walls and arches. Dry and thin shoots should be removed after flowering. These plants will not bloom well in warm and humid coastal areas. They require cool winters for best bloom. They can be grown as a pot plant as well.

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It is suitable for the Gardening.

Flowering plants need access to bright sunlight to remain healthy and blooming. An easy facing balcony is the best place for the plants in Indian conditions. Try keeping them in bright sunlight but also where they get a little cover from the harsh afternoon sun. Some plants which are a little tender tend to burn due to the same.

Plants with thin leaves need daily watering and ones with thick leaves need watering 3-4 times a week. This will also depend on the season. Generally during the blooming period, plants love a lot of water. Try keeping the soil moist. During winters it is better to cut back on watering.

Keep the plants in a well drained soil with a drainage hole at the bottom. This will help to avoid over watering. Take care as to not leave stagnant water on top of the soil. Fertilise the plant once in 2-3 weeks during its blooming period. Do not fertilise it in winters.

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