Adenium Fertilizer Blend


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Product Description

Adenium Fertilizer Blend is crafted for Adenium. It has just the right amount of nutrients suitable for Adenium.

Adenium Fertilizer Blend


'Ecotika' Adenium Fertilizer Blend is designed to provide NPK and along with it contains secondary nutrients Ca-Mg-s in a suitable ratio, promotes earthworm population thereby enriching soil micro environment. Since this is a Slow to moderate release fertilizer the nutrients are released after some time approx 10-15 days but at an uniform rate and over longer duration

Key Features of this Product
  • Adenium Fertilizer Blend is a natural biological system that works in harmony with the plant-soil ecosystem. It can directly increase soil organic matter through soil or plants and activate various microorganisms in the soil. These microorganisms can act as catalysts in the circulation of plant-microbial metabolites, increasing the biological effectiveness of the soil.
  • The active ingredients in fertilizers are particularly active after they have been specially treated, and they enter the plants within 2 to 3 hours after application, and they have a speedy absorption and conduction velocity.
  • This product is also suitable for use in direct soil application, try with 30 gms in 10" pots every 30-45 days and the quantity can be increased gradually depending upon plants response.
  •  Increase the quantity @ 1 Tablespoon per foot of plant height or pot diameter whichever is larger.
  • Adenium Fertilizer Blend is crafted for Adenium. Has just the right amount of nutrients suitable for Adenium. Helps to maintain a favorable soil pH


    This product is in granular form for easy broadcasting . 


    The product is safe to use around children, but ensure hands are washed after each use.  We do not recommend this product for oral consumption as it is meant to be used as fertilizer. Left over product must be properly packed to avoid ingression of moisture or water.

      To be stored in a dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Needless to say, it should never be stored unprotected outside for any length of time. Rain will wash away a lot of the beneficial compounds (nutrients etc), and the sun can dry out the material too much as well.

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