Bio Farm-"Bloom & Magic" (4 IN 1 Combo Pack)

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Product Description

Bio Farm Organic Fertilizer combo is the best plant based formulation to provide much needed nutrients to the plants for healthy growth, flowering & Fruiting as well as protection from Insects & fungii

Magic Organic Fertilizer

"Bio Farm Bloom" is a plant based balanced blend of Macro-nutrients essential for plant growth. N P K: 8:8:8

Bio Farm Plant "Magic" is a plant essential Micro-nutrient (Boron-Borate-Borax).It contains DI Sodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate (Natural form Turkey).

Boron is necessary for cell wall formation, membrane integrity, calcium uptake and many aid in translocation of sugars in plants. Boron affects at least 16 functions in plants. A naturally occurring alkaline borate may be used as an insecticide and fungicide also.

 Mode of Action
  • Strong Fertilization
  • Excellent Pollination
  • Durable Cell-wall Metabolism
  • Blooming Flowers & Fruits
  • Perfect Root Growth
  • Bright Leaf & Flower Color
  • Improve Immune System
  • Effective on Termites; Powder post beetles; Carpenter ants; Fungi and algae; Molluscs & Mildew
Area of Application
    • “Bio Farm "Bloom" & "Magic" is effective on wide range of horticultural plantation.
Method of Uses
    • Add one cap each of Bi Farm-Herbal & Organic fertilizer "Bloom" & "Magic" in one litre of water 
    • Spray or Sprinkle once a week early in the morning or late in the evening to get best results.
    • Do not pour concentrated liquid.
    • If growth is stunted or If more attack of insects is noticed , then spray twice on weekly interval and / or 15 days interval regular dose can be done.
    • Keep in dry and cool place.
    • Do not expose to direct sunlight or heat.
 Item Form
    • Liquid

To be stored in a dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Needless to say, it should never be stored unprotected outside for any length of time. Rain will wash away a lot of the beneficial compounds (nutrients etc), and the sun can dry out the material too much as well.

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