Biotonic Granules -A Slow-Release Fertilizer


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“Biotonic Granules” is a remarkable natural seaweed extracted product which benefits agricultural production including floriculture and horticulture crops. It maximize the potential of the plant to produce strong stems and healthy leaves, it is a beneficial at all stages of vegetative growth.

It is completely natural product , nontoxic with neutral ph which is soluble in water and hence leaves no harmful residues in the plants, soil or in the environment.

  • Biotonic Granules provides humic acids, amino acids, proteins, enzymes, lactic acid, glutamic acid and useful carbohydrates.
  • It helps root growth, nutrient uptake, plant enzymes and growth of desirable soil microorganisms at the rhizosphere.
  • It gives strength to plants against drought and diseases and reduces immature flower / fruits dropping.
  • It is a slow-release fertilizer which helps plants to get nutrients gradually which is much needed for container gardening as nutrients doesn't drain out quickly.

Method of Uses

  • Apply 8-10 Kg / Acre
  • Two application per season is recommended


  • Store in a dry cool place. Avoid direct sunlight.


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