Bone Meal-50 Kg


Shipping : 3-5 Business Days


Natural alternatives to synthetic fertilizers, bone meal add crucial nutrients like phosphorous and nitrogen to soil to help promote healthy plant growth

Bone meal is made from steamed and crushed animal bones, and is rich in phosphorous, a mineral that plants need for healthy root development and flower growth. It also contains calcium and a little bit of nitrogen, both of which are beneficial to plants. Bone meal is taken up by plants slowly over time, so as long as it is used sparingly, there is little risk of 'burning' plants with too much of this fertilizer.. 

It is an ideal supplement for bulbs and roses in particular, which flourish with an extra boost of phosphorous. Bone meal is very long lasting and slow acting. It can last for a year perhaps longer. Course grade bone meal should be slower and last longest.

  • One tablespoon is needed for every two square feet
  • When planting bulbs , by adding 1/2 teaspoon per plant will give spectacular bloom
  • You can also mix bone meal into the top one to three inches of soil in the spring for other plants.
  • Bone meal is most effective when well-mixed with the garden soil so it's close to plant roots.
  • Because bone meal is slow acting it should be applied and watered in a few weeks before your plants will need it.
Where not to use Bone Meal
  • Not on acid loving plants like Rhododendrons, Azalea, Camellia, Heathers, Cranberry, and potatoes. The calcium in bone meal may increase soil ph.
  • Take care if using bone meal where soil ph is already high.
  • Care needed in gardens with pet dogs. Your pet may lick and scratch where it has been used as a top dressing. Timing the application, watering in, raking over, fencing off the area, are among possible solutions.

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