Bonsai Putranjiva


Type: Plants

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Putranjiva Roxburghii




South East Asia


Putranjiva is a famous, moderate-sized, evergreen tree. It has pendant branches and dark grey bark having horizontal lenticels. Leaves are simple, alternately arranged, dark green, shiny, elliptic-oblong, distantly serrated. Fruits ellipsoid or rounded drupes, brown in colour; seed normally one, stone pointed, rugose, very hard. Lush, dark green foliage gracefully drapes tall deep gray branches of this large evergreen tree that grows up to 12 meters and is found along riverbanks, valleys and forests of East Asia. Small yellow-green flowers crowd among the canopy, almost inconspicuous among leaves. 


Age : 2.5 - 3 Years

Size (Approx) : L X W X H : 5.5" x 4" x 9"

Note : The plant might differ a little than the picture as each Bonsai is created differently.


It will grow well in full sun and need to get six to eight hours of sun daily along with regular watering as soon as the soil looks dry. The ideal soil is rich and loose with good drainage. For fertilization you can use mulch. If plant gets too big repotting will be required.


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