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Super Sonaka grapes are known for their unusually long sized and super tasty fruits.

Super Sonaka Seedless Grape Vine






The grape plant is a perennial & deciduous woody vine featuring helices – tendrils and trails. 

Leaves are shaped like a heart. They are big and placed opposite to each other. They show prominent nerves.

Small greenish flowers, in clusters, precede the fruit, Color, size, and shape of leaves and fruits vary with the variety. Grapes are a non-climacteric type of fruit, generally occurring in clusters.

The super sonaka grape is considered to be among the best varieties in the world. it is prized for its taste, aroma, size, and color.


Grape is a highly versatile vine. It can be grown in almost all kinds of climate.Vines stay evergreen in a tropical climate. Grape crop performs beautifully in the area that gets no or very less rain during the ripening time of fruits. 

Well-drained sandy loam to loamy soil having good organic matter. Soil pH should be below pH 8.7. It should have lime concentration of upto 20% and calcium carbonate of upto 10%.  Alkaline soils with poor drainage are not suited.  

Soil is tilled. Pits are prepared at appropriate spacing.Depth of pits range from 60 cm to 90 cm. Pits should be kept open for 30 days before planting. Grape plant begins to grow 10-15 days after planting. Grape growth starts earlier in warm season than in cold season.  

Irrigate the vineyard once every 3 days in newly planted crop. During winter, grape crop requires light irrigation in a gap of 10-12 days.

Soils of vineyard are either heavy clay soils, or sandy loam soils. So, organic manure is of high importance.  

Landscape Use

Grape vines not only produce sweet and versatile fruits but can add ornamental value to your home landscape when trained to grow on an arbor, or trellis for shade or screen planting


Trees need to be planted in full sun. Make sure there is no sudden change in temperature. Keep it in semi sunlight for a week before introducing the plant to direct sunlight.

In a pot, you will need to water the plant everyday during the summers and can cut down a bit during winters. Make sure this has a drainage hole at the bottom. For trees planted directly in the garden, you an water it once in 2-3 days for it to develop strong roots. Fertilise in the summer season only.

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