Greensheen - For Growth & Shine


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“GREENSHEEN” is a non toxic, water soluble contains basil & 10 natural herbal growth enhancer which can be used on all types of crops like vegetables - Chilly, Cabbage, Peas, Lady Finger, Tomato, Lemon, etc., fruits- Grapes, Water Melon, etc., Cereals, Cotton, Paddy, Sugarcane, Wheat, etc. to improve the quality of crop & yield

 “GREENSHEEN” helps to keep the crop green & shiny for longer time

Method of Uses

  • Use 2 gms Greensheen per liter of clean water & stir well
  • Spray plants till drenched completely.
  • Only for agriculture / horticulture use only.


  • Store in a dry cool place.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.

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