Hectare Lemon picker and small fruits harvestor (without Pole)

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Product Description

Hectare Lemon picker is useful for harvesting of lemon and other small fruits.

Hectare Lemon picker

Description : 

Lemon picker is a easy to use tool for  harvesting of lemon fruits and other small fruits. It is easy to use, just attach  it to hectare telescopic pole or any other pole and pluck lemons.

  • Pull and pluck use
  • Useful for harvesting of lemon and other small fruits
  • Small in size, can easily get inside lemon tree without dropping other fruit
Specifications :

Material : Metal

Color : Powder coated Black colour

Product Size : 8.5 cm Dia


Hector tools are made out in India. They are made of strong metal and are of good quality material. You can store them in a cool and dry place. If there is dust collected on the tool, use a soft cloth to wipe it clean.

Try to sterilise the tools which are used for cutting/grafting before use.

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