Kaempferia Rotunda - Peacock Ginger


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Kaempferia Rotunda




Asia & SE Asia


Kaempferia rotunda is a small ginger .It is grown as much for its medicinal properties as its highly ornamental flowers and foliage. It is the flowers that appear first, growing directly from the rhizomes out of the bare soil.

Exquisitely beautiful, the purple and white flowers, resemble large ornate butterflies and are borne one or two at a time, each flower lasting several days, with more following on in succession over a period of weeks. Flowers are very fragrant. When flowering is finished the foliage emerges. And what interesting foliage it is! Lanceolate-oblong in shape, the leaves are a mid-green colour on the outer edges patterned with silver markings and an intricate darker green set of markings down the central midrib. The underside is a deep purplish-red.


Rich, well drained soil. Best grown in a container in a warm, sheltered and semi-shady spot. Water and feed well during the growing season

Landscape Use

Its relatively small size ginger that is best suited for growing in a container and kept at table-top height

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