Lycopodium Clavatum


Type: Plants

Shipping : 3-5 Business Days

Creeping Cedar




South Africa


Lycopodium is a small, creeping or climbing evergreen plant that grows in forests. Lycopodium, along with its relatives, the ferns, is a seedless vascular plant that reproduces with spores. 


Lycopodium grows best in a cool, moist environment with nutrient-rich soil. Because of its high moisture and humidity requirements, lycopodium is  best grown in pots.

Water the lycopodium to keep the soil wet. Keep an eye on the soil during particularly warm, dry weather. Water if the plant begins to dry out. Allow the water to sit in the collection tray beneath the pot.

Fertilize the lycopodium with fish emulsion, diluted to half the strength recommended on the label, in the spring and in late summer.

Landscape Use

Hanging Basket, Houseplant

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