Pre Bonsai Cherry Lemon Trifansia Trifolia Plant


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Triphasia Limeberry, is a perennial shrub or small tree that produces beautiful white scented flowers, with three petals 10–13 & lovely sweet red fruits berry-like edible fruit.

Limeberry Pre Bonsai Plant






Triphasia Limeberry, is a perennial shrub or small tree that produces an edible fruitThe leaves are trifoliate, glossy dark green, each leaflet 2–4 cm long and 1.5–2 cm broad. Lime berry has beautiful white scented flowers are white, with three petals 10–13 & lovely sweet red fruits berry-like edible fruit with acidic lime flavored flesh.

Cherry Lemon is a easy growing mature plant for bonsai training. Best choice for bonsai lovers.


Age : 5 Years

Height : 12-30 cm

Size (Approx) : L X W X H : 4" x 4" x 6"

Note : The plant might differ a little than the picture as each Bonsai is created differently.


Limeberry likes semi-shade to full sunlight but avoid exposing to direct midday sunlight if possible. It need a minimum of four hours of direct sunlight each day

Keep the Limeberry moist, but be careful not to overwater because wet soil can also harm it. Water your tree generously as soon as the soil surface gets dry, but it must not be left in excess water

Solid organic fertilizer works well for the Limeberry. Liquid fertilizers can also be used in carefully measured dosage and only on moist soil. Feed the tree well from spring to autumn, following the directions for use, and less often during winter.


Bonsais are beautiful to look at and are considered auspicious too. The popular myth for Bonsai is that they can be kept indoors, however the reality is far from it! Bonsais are essentially trees which have been moulded into micro bodies!

Bonsai needs sufficient bright light. Keep it near a bright window or in semi shade. In balconies keep it on the eastern side where the sun is not very harsh on them. Keep the soil for bonsai moist. Don't over water it or keep the soil very wet or it will shed the leaves and eventually cause a root rot.

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