Rosmarinus Officinalis - Rosemary Prostrate


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Rosmarinus Officinalis - Rosemary Prostrate




Mediterranean region


Prostrate Rosemary is commonly known as Creeping Rosemary and it is a low-spreading, evergreen shrub or groundcover. Its leaves are green, leathery and very aromatic. This Rosemary has pale-blue flowers from early to mid-summer.ξIts height reaches up to 3 feet high and 4-8 feet in its spread. Creeping Rosemary will trail over walls or edge of a raised bed to make a curtain like an effect. It is very attractive to the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds but it is deer resistant.


Prostrate Rosemary prefers full sunlight and it can easily grow in poor, well-drained soil but does not do well in excessive amounts of humidity. It is drought tolerant once established. Regular pruning is not required. It requires low to medium watering.

Landscape Uses

It can be used in large mixed containers. It is also used as rock gardening and ground covering. Rosemary leaves are used as a flavoring in foods.



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