Simba Bamboo


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Fargesia Murielae Simba






Fargesia Murielae Simba or Umbrella Bamboo is an ornamental bamboo variety, a short and compact bamboo ideal for the smaller garden. The elegant, graceful, arching yellow-green canes will rarely extend beyond 2 metres. The lanceolate leaves are bright green in colour and typically grow to about 10 centimetres in length


Prefers shady locations and a soil which retains moisture well. Avoid too much exposure to sun and don’t let the plants dry out.

Even some clay in the soil texture mix would suit this plant. As a container plant, provide it with a loamy soil containing plenty of mature compost, and it will thrive

Landscape Uses

Fargesia Murielae Simba is ideal for planting where space is limited, or as a container plant to add to a patio’s charm. It is best suited as a low growing hedging or screens.


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