Strelitzia reginae (Bird of Paradise) Plant


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The Clivia plant, also known as bush lily or kaffir lily, with its evergreen dark green, strap-like broad leaves in spring and in autumn and winter are followed by attractive, red, berry like fruits, the decorative plants needs much light and is happy about several hours of sunlight each day.

Bird of Paradise




South Africa


Strelitzia reginae is one the most popular horticultural perennials around the world. This evergreen perennial forms a clump of large, broadly oval, long-stalked, gray-green leaves arising from an underground stem (rhizome). They contrast nicely with its beautiful crested flowers. Emerging from a horizontal green and pink beak-like spathe, brilliant orange and vivid blue flowers bloom in succession, resembling the crest on a bird’s head. Individual flowers last for about a week, but the spathe holds 5 to 7 flowers, guaranteeing a long-lasting display.


The bird of paradise is a low-maintenance plant that can thrive in a variety of growing conditions. Bird of paradise thrives in warm, tropical climates. It can be grown outdoors in a frost-free location with protection from strong winds. 

Bird of paradise prefers full sun to partial shade. In hot, direct sun, it may benefit from some afternoon. Use a balanced fertilizer once a month during the growing season (spring and summer) to promote healthy growth and flowering

Landscape Use

It is perfect for poolside plantings, garden borders, along walkways, patio containers, or as a houseplant.

Flowering plants need access to bright sunlight to remain healthy and blooming. An easy facing balcony is the best place for the plants in Indian conditions. Try keeping them in bright sunlight but also where they get a little cover from the harsh afternoon sun. Some plants which are a little tender tend to burn due to the same.

Plants with thin leaves need daily watering and ones with thick leaves need watering 3-4 times a week. This will also depend on the season. Generally during the blooming period, plants love a lot of water. Try keeping the soil moist. During winters it is better to cut back on watering.

Keep the plants in a well drained soil with a drainage hole at the bottom. This will help to avoid over watering. Take care as to not leave stagnant water on top of the soil. Fertilise the plant once in 2-3 weeks during its blooming period. Do not fertilise it in winters.

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