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Product Description

The Terra Tweets - Birds comes with assorted pencil and terracotta bird colours, which is made of a non-corrosive Brass metal wire.

Description :

A small ceramic bird bobbling over the pencil head fills the user with joy and excitement. A twist and pull motion detaches the bird to be used as a soft board pin.

– a nice composite can as packaging and to reuse thereafter…
– a pack contains assorted pencil and bird colours.
– a pencil stand is excluded from the pack. 

- Contains 3 pencils with bird tops attached.

Specifications :

  • Size : 1 x 1 x 11 cm 

-high fired terracotta bird
-non-corrosive Brass metal wire
-reusable to other pencils



The Tera Tweet bird is made from teracotta! Use a soft cloth to wipe it clean off dust whenever required! Also, try not to drop it!

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