Tessellated Bougainvillea Pressed Flower Diary


Type: Stationery

Shipping : 3-5 Business Days

Description :

Tessellated Bougainvillea is a gorgeous diary made by pressing real bougainvillea flowers. A little bit of summer, pressed in between sheafs of exquisite handmade paper. The papers in the diary, which are handmade, are embedded with beautiful flower petals.

The cover of the diary is laminated which makes sure the pressed plant does not come off. It also protects it from scratches and liquid to a certain extent.

Specifications :

Package : Contains 1 diary and 1 Zero Plastic Pen with Seeds made from Recycled Paper.

Number of Pages : 144

Paper : Handmade Khadi Paper

Size : 20cm x 14.4cm x 2cm

Color : Yellow

Please note : The diaries are handmade real dried pressed flowers due to which each diary is different. The colour and shape of the plant will vary.

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