The Arid Mirage Terrarium Kit


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Product Description

The Arid Mirage is an astoundingly beautiful terrarium.

Description :

An urban green solution if there ever was one, The Arid Mirage is an astoundingly beautiful terrarium. A beautiful scenery of a Camel Family walking towards a well in the Desert with a Red stone background, this is one of the most aesthetically pleasing terrariums you will come across! Use your artistic skills to turn this DIY Kit into the terrarium you dreamt of! Make it a centre of attraction in your home and watch your guests go green with envy. Living in urban flats is no long an excuse. Go Green.

  • Terrarium Glass Size : 8"
  • 2 Succulent Plants
  • Set of Camel Family
  • 1 Desert Well (Terracotta)
  • Brown Pebbles for Gravel
  • Handful of Red Jasper Stones
  • Green Moss
  • Desert Sand
  • Activated Coconut Charcoal
Maintenance :
  • Needs indirect sunlight
  • Water once the moss is completely dry. Preferable twice in a week.
  • Use a spray bottle to water. Spray in limited quantity
  • Change the charcoal once in 1 year to keep it pest/bug free.

Once you put your DIY Terrarium in order, the maintenance for them is really simple. You can understand the sunlight requirement given in the website description of the selected terrarium and make sure the terrarium is kept as per the need of the plant.

Water the terrarium once a week in summers and once in 2 weeks in winters.Make sure not to water on top of the plants but on the moss or soil. Don't over water the terrarium as it does not have a drainage hole.

The terrarium once made becomes heavy due to the pebbles. Make sure to lift the terrarium glass from the bottom only! Use a soft and dry cloth to wipe the terrarium glass as and when required.

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