Triad Wilderness Preserved Moss Frame with Dark Wood


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Product Description

Triad Wilderness is a beautiful triangular design made with moss & fern!

Description :

If you wanted some lush greenery in your home without having to take care of it, we have a gorgeous solution for you! Triad Wilderness is a beautiful triangular design made with moss & fern! Decorate your home with a part of nature.

Care Instructions :

Do NOT water the moss

Keep in Semi or Complete Shade. Direct sunlight will fade the color of the moss.

Specifications :

Size : 17" x 17" x 17"

Material for Frame : Raw Wood

Ingredients : Preserved Reindeer Dyed Moss, Pole Moss, Preserved Fern

*Please Note : This product should not come in contact with water or direct sun.

The Moss Frames are essentially 100% natural products which are preserved. The main thing to remember is that they should not come in contact with water or sun!

The moss frames are meant for indoor use ONLY. Do not hang them in balconies or areas where there is sunlight. Hang them in a fully shaded area for increased longevity. A cool & a dry room having air conditioner would be the perfect place for these frames. As these moss frames are preserved with humidity, it also does not require water! Make sure it does not come in contact with water under any circumstances!

Incase of excess humidity, there are times when a few leaves might get a little fungus on them. Dip a clean soft cloth in alcohol and rub it slowly and gently on top of the fungus for it to be removed. For dust settling on top of the moss, use a light brush to shake it out of the moss. Don't use force on it as the dust is collected only on the top layer of the moss.

If your frame is kept near a window or a place where it gets light from, it might dry up a little in a couple of years. Use a mixture of 70% water and 30% glycerine and spray a little of it on top of the dried moss. This will refurbish the moss with the humidity it requires to stay fresh.

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