Tulsi Super Power Manure


Shipping : 3-5 Business Days

Granular Manure

Tulsi granules provides balanced nutrition for optimum growth promotion through availability of required amino acids, enzymes, micro nutrients, optimum metabolite formation.

It enhances germination of seeds,extends roots & shoots development,increases tolerance to stress,increases flower & fruit setting, improve size, colour, flavour of the product & increases yeild.

Works well in salted water & hard land 


It is manufactured by using bio power water soluble liquid basic elements like Sea weed, Humic acid, Amino acid, Neem oil base and also using herbal insecticides by plants fumigation solitaire. 

  • 1st   Application - 10 - 12 days after sowing - 1 kg for 100 sq. ft
  • 2nd  Application - 30 - 40 days after sowing  - 500 gms per 100 Sq Ft


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