9 Reasons Why Keeping Plants in Your Living Space is a Smart Choice

It is a proven fact that interacting with the various elements of Mother Nature has a positive effect on us. The relaxing effect of this interaction is what cajoles us to go hiking, bird watching, camping, and jumping into the laps of nature whenever we get the chance. But what if we could bring some of those greens with us into our living space? How beneficial would that be for us!

Research has shown that we can reap great benefits by growing indoor plants. These plants not only clean the air inside our homes naturally but also provide various health benefits. Let’s find out how indoor plants can help boost our health -

  • Enhance Oxygen Levels - Plants are a natural and handy source of oxygen. By placing indoor plants in your house, you are actually placing oxygen-making machines inside your home. Breathing is definitely easy and better with enhanced oxygen levels. Look for various varieties of Sansevierias to keep in your bedroom, they give oxygen at night.
Sansvieria Hahnii Air Purifier Plant
  • Reduce Air Pollution - Not only do plants release oxygen, they also help reduce pollutants in the air inside your home, making it more clean and fresh. Removal of the common harmful gases such as benzene and nitrogen oxide make these plants an ideal for your living space. Look out for Peace Lily, Boston ferns, which are excellent air purifying plants.

Boston Fern Air Purifying Plant

  • Reduce Noise Pollution - Yet another benefit of having indoor plants that has been established by studies and research is noise reduction. Plants are capable of reflecting and absorbing noise and high-frequency sound. Peace lily, Ficus Benjamina (Weeping fig), etc. are excellent sound absorbents.

Ficus Plant

  • Relieve Stress - Having plants in your line of vision can help release stress and anxiety, as well as aid mental health restoration. Since we are accustomed to taking a break in nature, bringing them inside our homes can surely have positive effects. Look to keep a colorful terrarium on your work desk to concentrate better.

The Money Goblet Air Purifier Terrarium

  • Fight Fatigue - Studies have shown that indoor plants reducing fatigue by up to 30 percent. So, if you feel run down on a daily basis, try incorporating a few indoor plants in your living space.
  • Reduce Sick Leave - Workplaces with indoor plants have employees who take less sick leaves. Keeping a plant in the workspace helps clean the air and keeps employees healthy and refreshed.

Indoor Desk Plants

  • Aid Recovery Process - Plants have healing properties and studies have shown that they boost the healing process, thereby helping patients to recover fast in a fresh and healthy environment. Look for various medicinal plants like Aloe vera which give excellent health benefits.


  • Mood Boosters - The presence of plants inside the house can definitely help in uplifting your mood. Since our brains perceive plants and greenery as a source of refreshment and comfort, they help in elevating our moods and make us happy.


With so many benefits and more, we can add plants to our home décor. This will not only make our homes beautiful but will also boost our health in so many ways.

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