Do plants help in reducing the temperature in summers?

April 09, 2018

Do plants help in reducing the temperature in summers?

Have you often wondered about the rising temperatures in summers and the winters not remaining as cold as you remembered them as?  Does deforestation really lead to such a rise in temperatures as we are feeling? What can you do to keep your home cool and breezy in these hot times?

Over the past 50 years, the average global temperature has increased at the fastest rate in recorded history. And experts see the trend is accelerating: Glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, forests are dying, and wildlife is scrambling to keep pace.

As plants grow, they help stop climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the air, storing carbon in the trees and soil, and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. Trees provide many benefits to us, every day. They offer cooling, shade, block cold winter winds, attract birds and wildlife, purify our air, prevent soil erosion, clean our water among many other things.

Whether you plant trees around your home and property, in your community, or in our national forests, they help fight climate change. Through the natural process of photosynthesis, trees absorb CO2 and other pollutant particulates, then store the carbon and emit pure oxygen Just five trees, properly placed around a house, can save up to 10% of energy use. (U.S. Forest Service Center for Urban Forest Research)

At a smaller scale keeping plants in your bedroom, living room or balcony helps to cool the atmosphere. These are natural air conditioners and add grace and beauty to our homes and communities. Where to get started then?

You can start off small by bringing home some indoor plants which help purify the air too. You can buy indoor air purifier plants for your home from here.



If you have an open balcony, you can place some flowering plants there to beautify your home! They bring color and life to a space like no other things can! You can choose to buy flowering plants for your home here.


You can try decorating your window sill with tiny beautiful succulents! They are easy to maintain, gorgeous & decorative! A perfect blend. Pop some of them and watch your space transform completely. You can buy succulents online from here.


Window planters are growing in terms of popularity in India. Green plants on your window ledge also help humidify and cool the hot air flowing in and around your house. Moreover, the vibrant colours and quirky designs also make your windows look attractive. You can buy hanging pots for your balcony here.

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